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Why Masculinity Is Needed As We Go Into 2023 And Beyond

Why Masculinity Is Needed As We Go Into 2023 And Beyond

In recent years, there has been a growing cultural pushback against traditional notions of masculinity. Some argue that masculinity is inherently harmful, and that we need to move away from it in order to create a more just and equitable society. However, there are compelling reasons why masculinity is still needed in 2023 and beyond.

First and foremost, masculinity plays a crucial role in shaping the behaviour and attitudes of men. While there is certainly a range of behaviours and attitudes that fall under the umbrella of masculinity, there are some core traits that have been historically associated with it, such as strength, courage, and leadership. These traits can be positive forces for both men and society as a whole.

For example, strength and courage can help men overcome challenges and adversity, whether in their personal or professional lives. Leadership skills can also be essential in a variety of contexts, from the boardroom to the battlefield. Without these qualities, men may struggle to achieve their goals and make positive contributions to society.

Moreover, masculinity can serve as a source of identity and purpose for men. As human beings, we all need a sense of belonging and meaning in our lives, and masculinity can provide that for many men. By embracing their masculine identity, men can feel a sense of connection to something larger than themselves, and use that connection as a motivator to pursue their goals and make a difference in the world.

Of course, it is important to acknowledge that masculinity can also be toxic and harmful. When masculinity is defined solely in terms of dominance, aggression, and control, it can lead to a host of negative behaviours, such as sexual harassment, violence, and emotional repression. It is essential that we work to address and combat these negative manifestations of masculinity.

However, this does not mean that masculinity itself is inherently problematic. Rather, it means that we need to redefine and reshape our understanding of masculinity, to ensure that it encompasses the positive qualities that men need to thrive, while rejecting the negative ones that cause harm.

In conclusion, masculinity is still needed in 2023 and beyond. While we must acknowledge and address the negative aspects of masculinity, we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Masculinity can be a positive force for men and society, providing them with the tools they need to overcome challenges, find meaning and purpose in their lives, and make positive contributions to the world. By redefining and reshaping our understanding of masculinity, we can ensure that it continues to serve these important functions in the years to come.


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